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The Right Questions

Everyone wants to make their life count. We all want to make difference in our world. This book is written to answer the #1 question we all have around the world, “Why Am I Here?” There’s two great days in a person’s Life. The day they are born and the day they discover why! Too many people spend their entire Life unhappy and unfulfilled because they never found their seat on the bus or answer the question of why they exist. The answer to the question is in you.

Thought to Thought

Everything begins and ends with the power of what your thinking on. In your life, there is nothing more important because every area of your life is affected by your thoughts. In your life, there is nothing that can’t be changed if your thoughts are adjusted accordingly

All About Funerals

Pastor Lee is well known for his funeral ministry. He has developed the necessary tools and understanding that he is passing onto the readers with a step by step book that will better equip you on the “how to” perform a funeral service. This is a must read for anyone asked to do participate in a funeral service.

The Ministry of the Armor Bearer

Learn how to acquire trusted, loyal team members as well as know how to be a great leader. All leaders need a great team and all support teams/staff “Armourbearers” need great leaders. The ministry of the Armourbearer is a very misunderstood ministry in todays post Christian world, but it’s desperately needed. Every leaders was an Armourbearer but not every Armourbearer becomes a leader. Learn Why in the pages of this book!

Dealing with Death God's Way

Dealing with Death God’s Way reveals biblical truth’s which help ease the pain of a lost loved one and offers an incredible hope for moving forward. This book deals with tuff issues and misconceptions such as suicide and cremation, to name a few. Being a Pastor for over 30 years I’ve heard a lot of teaching on death that is contrary to God’s character and nature , even some things I’ve heard at funerals are out right lies. For that reason this book is full of truths and is concise so you can find help immediately.

What's a Real Man?

Through humor and straight forward answers and insights. Pastor Lee addresses what really makes men different from woman. What does it mean for the man to head of his household? The author addresses what it means to be the provider. What does it mean for the woman to reverence her husband. This book will help you understand why men are the way they are and why we need them to be the men God created them to be.

Ministry's Not Easy

As the title implies ministry is not easy, quick or simple. It’s hard work! In this book Pastor Lee deals with the deeper more difficult issues of ministry often neglected by other Christian media. The subjects covered will fly in the face of most conventional teachings in today’s micro-wave Christianity. You will be challenged, changed, and super charged to roll up your sleeves to do the “work” of the ministry.

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